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Very professional. They handled my claim from start to finish with no problems. Phil's Body Works. We offer affordable collision repair and auto detailing for individuals Website Photos 6. On The Spot Auto Glass takes pride in providing you with quality service at fair prices. We can order glass and mirrors for most vehicles and we al Website Photos 4. Samantha Koslowsky bought property on Milton Ave. Lawrence Clevenger, trustee, bought property on 46 Union Ave. David Hughes bought property on Jefferson St.

Kyle McCarthy bought property on Jefferson St. David Schaffer bought property on S. Sardhawatie Harduar bought property on Cullen Ave. Lawrence White bought property on Glenwood Blvd. Posted on August 07, Brought to you by judysbook. Be the first SILive.

Steven's House of Deals

Very shady business. Took my car here years ago to have a new radio installed.

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They sold me a "Mitsubishi" radio, which was a junk system. They also installed larger rear speakers in the car Posted by Mike J. I've had 2 remote starters installed there. Both times the price was the best around, and they've worked reliably. The people were friendly and very 'down to earth'. Posted by Craig S. Another surprise: Sidestep.

Priceline claims to have the best prices online with savings up to 25 percent over leading online sites; so I did some comparisons for three different cities and compared Sidestep.

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Very easy to talk to, down to earth guys. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for all the hard work, hours and yeses you put into my case and believed in me. I am so happy I chose you as my lawyer. This was my first law suit ever. I was injured during super storm sandy. It was the best randomly selected choice I have ever made. Goldstein was my representative. He and his staff are courteous and professional and know their stuff. I was recently given a substantial settlement for my injuries.

I would recommend them for any personal injury case, and their other specialties, as well. They are smart and very caring people. Our client went to a popular nightclub in Island Park with a group of her friends. She was looking forward to a carefree night of dancing with her friends.

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Unfortunately, while dancing she slipped and fell on a spilled beer and ended her night in the emergency room at South Nassau Community Hospital. Our investigation, which included witness testimony and pictures, helped us gather proof that the beer was on the dance floor for at least an hour before she fell.

The client had a very bad broken ankle which required surgery and extensive physical therapy. We were able to successfully resolve her claims at a mediation.

Stevens house of deals east meadow ny

She was very happy with the generous compensation we were able to get to cover her medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. In this railroad claim, our 39 year old client slipped and fell in a rail yard that was unkept and leaking water had frozen over. He sustained injuries to his knee. We were successful in obtaining a resolution for the client, after providing evidence of the conditions of the yard that the railroad should have cleaned and repaired the leak.

In this case, we acted as a co-counsel for a client who had a very serious accident in San Francisco. At the time of the accident he was attempting to descend from a scaffold and fell from a significant height. Unfortunately, the client who is married and had two children suffered significant brain damage. Prior to the case going to trial there was a twelve hour mediation which resulted in a settlement for the client and his family that paid the client and his family necessary monies over his lifetime.

While doing his work he fell from an I-beam, which was supporting the air conditioning unit. He injured his knee and back. He had four surgeries on his knee and multiple forms of physical therapy. The court decided that our client did not need to prove liability and therefore we proceeded to negotiate the value of his claim. The case was resolved for a significant sum of money which allowed the client to live comfortably, although he could not go back to work. The key in the case was convincing the court that the facts were in our favor. In this railroad case, a 39 year old Long Island Railroad lineman sustained severe burns after he cut energized cables as part of a demolition and modification of a substation.

Our office had evidence that the foreman did not take the appropriate actions in making sure that all the cables were de-energized prior to anybody cutting.

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As a result of the explosion the client received third degree burns to his upper extremities as well as back injuries. Although the client should have preformed his own tests before cutting the cables and has since resumed work full time we were able to resolve his case to his satisfaction. The client had surgery which resulted in some minor complications. In this case, our client was a 40 year old Long Island Railroad lineman who fell from a communication pole he was working on.

Our office claimed that the Long Island Railroad should have used a bucket truck for the client which would have prevented the accident. The client injured his back and had surgical injections to alleviate the pain from his herniated discs. Our clients were the two daughters of a 61 year old mother and grandmother who was struck and killed by a driver who just did not see our client walking.

Our client was coming off the ramp of the Triboro Bridge now known as the Robert Kennedy Bridge in Astoria when another car went through a stop sign. Our client, a sanitation worker tried to avoid the accident but was struck by the other vehicle and then lost control and slammed his sanitation truck into the side of a building. He damaged several of his fingers which required surgery.

We were successful in obtaining the full insurance policy limits of the other vehicle. Our client was a patient of a dental clinic in Brooklyn.

On the date of the accident she was about to be seated in the dental chair when the arm collapsed and she fell out of the chair. We were able to show through the deposition of former employees that complaints were made, to the owners of the dental clinic, to fix the chair in question. The client sustained lower back injuries that resulted in back surgery. The painter, a year-old man experienced at his job, was working on the renovation of a Long Island supermarket.

While walking across the construction floor he fell through a hole that the store manager had carelessly covered with a flimsy piece of panel board. The hole needed to be secured in a better manner and there should have been some warning signs to let workers know there was a hole under the board! The man sustained very serious hand and arm injuries that resulted in surgery and the insertion of metal plates.

This also prevented him from working for a significant recover period. In this case, we represented a 46 year old railroad employee who was trapped in an escalator motor pit. Our office was able to show that the door to the pit was improper. The door should have been easy to open and close. The door in question got stuck and it was jammed shut. The railroad had already replaced some of the doors but not where the client was working. The client was injured in his attempt to free himself from the dark and hot pit. He claimed back injuries with some surgical procedures.

We were successful in obtaining a resolution for the client, even though he went back to work full time. Our client was a vibrant seventy year old working for the County of Nassau. While getting off the elevator she tripped and fell as it misleveled. She was brought to the emergency room with a very bad broken shoulder. In fact there would have been surgery had it not been for her age and other non-related health issues. As a result of the injury she could no longer work and the evidence would have pointed to an employee who would have worked another five years. Indeed she had worked for almost forty years without many absences.

We believe that had the case gone to trial there would have been evidence that this elevator, which had been around a very, very long time had numerous problems.